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Dear Parents,

Welcome to the School Band Program!

This is a wonderful way to introduce your child to music. The school program offers the enjoyment and pride that comes with learning music as part of a group. This music experience can enrich your children’s lives and those around them for many years to come.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What instrument should my child play?A. There are three important factors in this decision:

  • The child’s preference
  • The band director’s suggestion
  • Physical Characteristics (Tooth formation or braces, arm length, lip size, etc. can cause some limitations on some instruments.)


Q. Can I rent?

A. Rent-to-own plans are available to help you find out if your child is suited to the instrument before purchasing. Monthly rental prices depend on the quality and condition of the instrument.


Q. Can I borrow or buy a used instrument?

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A. Yes, but be sure to have it checked thoroughly before purchasing. Repairs on many older instruments can total more than they are worth. Some used instruments are offered by businesses that do not have the knowledge to correctly check out a musical instrument. For woodwind instruments, look at the pads and corks. If there are any that are missing, torn, hardened, or discolored, they probably need to be replaced. Make sure there are no broken or cracked parts or bent keys. Many problems cannot be detected without special testing equipment. For brass instruments, make sure all tuning slides move freely. The trumpet valves and the trombone main slide should move freely without any drag. Some dents can restrict the airflow, making it hard to blow. Dorsey Music offers free check-ups on instruments.


Q. How much do new instruments cost?

 A. New student flutes, clarinets, trumpets, and trombones range from $200-$1000. Alto & tenor saxophones range from $400-$2000. Prices depend on the quality and where the instrument is made. Imports cost less, but they are often made with sub-standard metals, are difficult to play, and are hard to obtain parts for.