Specializing in School Music Rentals Since 1969.

WELCOME TO THE ORCHESTRA PROGRAM! - Dorsey Music specializes in orchestra instruments and has both a knowledgeable staff with over 40 years of experience and experts in every department.

NO OBLIGATION – There is a two-month minimum rent (non-refundable), and then you may return the instrument at any time with no further obligation.

ALL RENT APPLIES! - All rent paid is applied to the purchase.

If at any time you should decide to buy, simply continue to pay your same monthly payment. The instrument becomes your property after the instrument price and three additional months are paid.

If you would like to purchase with no additional fee, we also offer a “6 Months Same as Cash” plan: Pay the balance within the first six months of the rental contract, and there are no extra charges.  Rent is not pro-rated.

WE RENT BOTH NEW & USED INSTRUMENTS – You can decide whether you wish to rent new or used.

CHANGING INSTRUMENTS – We will apply one-half of the rent paid on the current instrument toward the purchase price of another similar instrument of same or greater value during the rental period.

GUARANTEE – We guarantee (with no additional charge) used instruments and rental return instruments to be in good playing condition for 60 days.

New instruments have a one-year guarantee against manufacturer defects. If desired, an insurance program on rental instruments is available for $10/mo.


BOOKS AND LESSONS – We have all the accessories and music books you need. Dorsey’s School of Music has private instructors for most instruments.

RENTAL PRICES – Rental prices depend upon each individual instrument’s purchase price, manufacturer, condition (new or used) and the durability/fragility of the instrument.

All instruments at Dorsey Music are set-up individually, and guaranteed to play correctly.


Our purpose at Dorsey Music is to give every student the best chance at success.  Selecting an instrument is an extremely personal process. Nearly every aspect, from instrument size to shoulder rest shape, can be personalized to the individual player.  Without a properly fitted instrument, a student cannot adequately progress in music and may become discouraged.  To ensure success, we recommend those interested in renting an orchestra instrument, come to Dorsey Music for an individual fitting and setup experience.

Orchestra Rentals  
Instrument: Monthly Rental Price Range
(Used to New)*
$17 - $55

$17 - $55

$39 - $145

String Bass
$59 - $229

Upgrade Bows
$35 - $75

For students enrolled in school or private music programs.
All instruments rentals are subject to availability at time of rental. 
Prices are subject to change without notice.