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We proudly offer Wm. Knabe & Co. fine pianos 

Handmade and created in the finest tradition of over 300 years of piano crafting, these limited production pianos have their own distinct look, feel and personality. When you play a Knabe, you will sense the difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary.

The rich and wondrous tonal quality of the Knabe has often been described as the nearest approach to the human singing voice.  Listen to the tone of today's Knabe - no piano in the world has a voice quite like it.


Dorsey Music is the only retailer in the state to offer the magnificent Seiler pianos.

"The sound of tradition"

160 years of piano making

Seiler is one of Europe's most important manufacturers of pianos, both grands and vertical pianos. Since 1849, the company's goal has been to achieve perfection, and through this process, the Seiler name has earned its worldwide reputation for being the industry benchmark through its impeccable craftsmanship, quality, and precision.


We are also proud to carry

Kohler and Campbell

Heirloom quality instruments since 1896

With American rock maple rim and pinblock, Canadian spruce soundboard, and the German Renner action, the Kohler & Campbell pianos offer high quality materials at an affordable price.  Adhering to high standards, Kohler and Campbell built one of America's largest piano companies.  As a testament to the quality, it is said that some of their largest customers were piano manufacturers of note that carried Kohler & Campbell pianos in their retail establishments.  Today, the tradition continues and Kohler & Campbell pianos are sold in many of America's finest retail establishments.


When choosing a piano, consider the following questions:
  • What is the level of the person playing?
  • How long do you wish for this piano to fulfill the expectations/needs of those who will be playing it?
  • Will the furniture style match your home?

In short, we offer the highest quality piano for your investment. Come see us!


We offer a piano rental program for both short-term and long-term use. Prices vary depending on the individual piano price, brand, and condition. Come in to see our instruments and find the right one for you.

Tuning & Repairs

We have qualified, certified piano tuners and repair technicians who are on-going partners with the Piano Technicians Guild.

Please call for referrals.



For regular care aside from tuning and voicing, we suggest the following:

  • When not in use, close the lid and cover the keys to help keep dust from accumulating.
  • Polish the surface with quality products which will protect and not scratch the finish.
  • Consider the room's temperature and humidity where the piano will be located.

For more information, contact our piano department, or see the Piano Technician's Guild website.


Piano Moving:

Call Derek at 208-880-3223 for professional piano moving.