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Dorsey Music proudly carries quality clarinets from some of the best known manufacturers in the music industry, such as Cannonball, Selmer, Jupiter, Vito, Buffet, Bundy, and Artley. These fine instruments will enhance your student's abilities and inspire them.  These instruments are from proven manufacturers that produce quality instruments for years of low-maintenance performance and enjoyment.


Professional & Upgrade Instruments

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Since inexpensive musical instruments made overseas have found their way into the market through the internet and other discount stores, not all instruments offered for sale by some businesses are playable, tunable , or repairable, even though they might have the outward appearance of a nice, new musical instrument.  While lower prices are tempting, you should consider that poorly constructed instruments play poorly, hindering a student's ability to learn and even frustrating her to the point that she will give up playing the instrument.  

Repair technicians:
You will want to make sure your clarinet has been looked over by an instrument repair technician who will check the condition of all the pads and insure that all the pads seal tightly.  Any air leakage will adversely affect the clarity of the tone production.  Low and high registers of the instrument will be checked for pitch.  All keys will be checked to make sure they move with ease.  Spring tension is also checked to insure proper resistance and key closure.

    Note:  Used and rental return clarinets at Dorsey Music are inspected, repaired, and play-tested by our qualified service technicians.  They are also cleaned adn the mouthpieces disinfected before they are offered for sale.  We guarantee our used clarinets for 90 days.  New clarinets have a one year guarantee against manufacture defects.

    Materials & Composition:

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    Student level clarinets are made from a specially formulated plastic material called ABS.  These are more durable and are easier for students to care for.  Intermediate and professional clarinets are made of wood, usually grenadilla, rosewood, or African blackwood.  Any student level clarinet that is purchased at Dorsey Music can later be upgraded to an intermediate or professional instrument.  

    Care & Maintenance of a clarinet:

    1.  It is very important to use a cleaning swab which is a cloth with a string & metal weight attached.  This should be drawn through the instrument after each time you play the keep the inside of the clarinet dry.  By removing this moisture, the pads will also last much longer.
    2.  Save your best reeds for performance.
    3.  Buy a reed holder to fit into the clarinet case.  Keep 3 or 4 reeds in your clarinet case at all times, and rotate them.  Allowing the reeds to dry out will help the reed last longer.
    4.  Exercise care when assembling the instrument parts.
    5.  Use special cork grease when assembling the instrument.
    6.  Avoid bending the "bridge" key when assembling the clarinet.
    7.  The clarinet can be easily damaged or knocked over when set down vertically on the flared bell.  To avoid this, keep your clarinet in the case when not in use.  Clarinet stands are also available but are recommended for convenience only (for instance, for musicians who play multiple instruments during performances.)  Stands are not recommended for clarinet storage.