NUX DM1 Digital Drum Set

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The DM-1 is the latest, lightest and most compact electronic drum kit that NUX has developed.
The DM-1 comes with tripod and sound-module and consists of 4 pads, a snare, a small and a large tom as well as floortom. In addition, there are 3 pads for hi-hat, ride and crash cymbals, a pedal for the kickdrum and a hi-hat control so you're open and close your hi-hat with your foot like a drum kit.

The sound module got 20 different drum sets that cover different music genres within rock, blues, jazz, metal, electronics and more. The drum sets are developed in collaboration with professional drummers and are based on some of the most legendary and popular drum sets throughout the ages. Each drum kit can be edited via "OneKnob", which is a groundbreaking feature that integrates 3 different effects: Drive, Compress and Wet, allowing the drummer to color the sound. Turning the knob allows you to test different power combinations to create a more customized drum sound.

A built-in teaching feature helps you keep track of your exercises and helps you improve your chances on the drum kit - step by step. And DM-1 also includes an option to record your drum playing so you can save ideas and track your development.
The Nux DM-1 has headphone output and together with the AUX-input, you're able to connect a smartphone and play music for practice and play. You can also use DM-1 with a computer so you can access additional features for recording, composing and playing, through different software applications (not included).

Manufacturer: NUX

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